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Benefits of Provisional Patent Application Filing

  • Once the invention is considered novel, nonobvious, and useful by the US Patent Office, you will receive 20 years of exclusive patent rights to your invention.
  • Inventor/patent filer gets protection for a pre-determined period, allowing him/her to keep competitors at bay.
  • Inventor/patent filer can license the patent for others to use it, or sell it, as with any asset, providing an important source of revenue for the business.

Procedure to follow: Provisional Patent Application Filing

  • A Full Disclosure agreement is signed between U.S. patent filer and the patent attorney for complete knowledge disclosure about the invention.
  • Initiating drafting of the patent application, constituting the claims about the technology and idea made about the invention.
  • Drawings and artworks are prepared by the draftsman to create an astute distinction between the invention and similar existing inventions.
  • Collaborative discussion sessions conducted between the two parties for drafting the final iterations so as to bring more clarity to the invention.
  • A final draft is prepared.
  • The final review session is conducted before filing the draft.

Some of Expert Profiles (Experienced Patent Attorneys)

David Oppenhuizen

Patent Attorney


Patent Attorney Senior Intellectul Property Litigator

Antonio Papageorgiou

Patent Attorney

What we offer?

  • Complete Support for Provisional Patent Application Filing
  • Design & Utility Patent Applications
  • Patentability Search Reports
  • Non-Provisional Patent Application Filing, Drafting and Prosecution till Grant
  • Patent Drawings (Utility/ Design Patents)

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The Patent Filing Company (TPFC) is an initiative by Sagacious IP. TPFC is an exclusive group of world leading technology/industry experts with deep understanding of global patent laws. TPFC team of 300+ experts cover variety of tech areas including Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Biotechnology, Electronics, Telecommunication, Software, Information Technology and more. TPFC serves clients in over 45 countries and is one of the very few organizations who understand global IP best practices to the core. TPFC utilizes this expertise to advise our clients to help them get world class advise and IP protection. Further, with vast global network and work volumes, TPFC not only ensures that you get the strongest and broadest protection, but makes sure that you get at the optimum costs. Again, TPFC is one of the only organizations in the world where work does not stop at clients getting the IP protection but where experts walk with the client till they are able to get returns from their IP protection. TPFC is trusted alike by industry associations, Government Departments and Ministries (like Department of Science and Technology), Fortune 500 companies, SMEs, Universities, Start-ups, Foreign Law Firms, and Individual Inventors in India and abroad. We have presence in 90+ jurisdictions to help our clients get best protections worldwide. Patent Filing in USA.


    • What can be patented?

    Any process, machine, article of manufacture, a composition of matter, or any improvement of any of the above that is new, non-obvious, and useful, can be patented. In addition to utility patents, patent protection is available for ornamental design of an article of manufacture or asexually reproduced plant varieties by design and plant patents.

    • What cannot be patented?

    Any laws of nature, physical phenomena, abstract ideas, literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works (these can be Copyright protected), & inventions which are not useful (such as perpetual motion machines); or offensive to public morality, falls outside the domain of patent protection.

    • I have a provisional patent. Do I need to file for a non-provisional patent?

    A provisional patent application doesn’t issue a patent. You will be granted a pending patent status, after which further procedures have to be done in order to move from a pending stage to a full issuance of the patent. The sole purpose of a provisional patent is to give a filing date to the applicant who can later use that to claim priority during the formal non-provisional application.

    • Is there a deadline for filing a non-provisional patent?

    To claim the benefits of a provisional patent application, a non-provisional patent must be drafted with the USPTO within one year of the original provisional filing date, or the benefit is lost.

    • Does USPTO charge any govt fee to individual inventors?

    Yes. Individual inventors will be considered as “micro entity” by USPTO i.e. $70 govt fee. But, if you have filed more than 4 non-provisional patent applications in the past years, or you have an annual income of more than $184,116, you will be considered as “small entity” or “large entity” which requires a $140 or $280 govt fee.