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Submit your patent filing requirement with us & get instant “Patent Pending” status for 12 months.

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Step: 1

Structure and compile your thoughts

Step: 2 (Optional)

Request a professional patent search/ technology evaluation to confirm patentability/ market applicability

Step: 3

Review/ Draft by experience patent technical drafters

Step: 4

Provisional application filed. Get 12 months "Patent Pending" status

Step: 5

Develop invention fully and apply for complete application within 12 months

You can file a Provisional Patent Application to get instant "Patent Pending" status for 12 months where you need apply for the Full Non-Provisional Patent Application within 12 months



* Prices exclude Govt Fee(s) or Tax(es)



* Prices exclude Govt Fee(s) or Tax(es)



* Prices exclude Govt Fee(s) or Tax(es)


PCT National Phase Filing

A PCT (Patent Corporation Treaty) is managed by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization). It enables inventors/companies/applicants to file their patent applications in more than 155 countries.

Provisional Patent Application Filing

A provisional application is a quick and inexpensive way for inventors to establish a filing (priority) date for their invention, which can be claimed in a later-filed non-provisional application. It is recommended to file a provisional patent application as soon as possible, ideally at the onset of the invention.

Non-Provisional Patent Application Filing

Non-provisional application is examined by USPTO and needs to include proper working details of the invention. A provisional application has to be followed thereafter, within 12 months of filing non-provisional, else it will automatically lapse. You can also apply for a non-provisional application directly if you have all the working details of the invention.

Design Patent Application Filing

Design patent should be considered for all design / aesthetic related innovations. Design application should contain enough views to completely disclose the appearance of the claimed design. For example - front, rear, right and left sides, top and bottom.

Patent Drafting

A Patent application needs to be drafted correctly so there should be less chances of Office Actions. We support Inventors to draft their applications according to patent office requirements which help them to get a grant as soon as possible.

Patent Translation

Patent Translation is mandatory when we file a patent application in countries like China, Japan, etc., where the official language is not English. We provide support to translate the patent into other languages, so an applicant files his application in a particular country.

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