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$ 1100 Fixed Fee
  • Value of patent
  • Analysis of demand for invention
  • Analysis of strength of patent
  • Analysis of target company and the benefit of the patent to them specifically


$ 800 Fixed Fee
  • Value of patent
  • Analysis of demand for invention
  • Analysis of strength of patent

Company-Specific Valuation is:
Recommended if you want to sell a patent to a specific company. We will factor in how much your patent would be worth to the specified company. For example:

1. Your patent may be worth more to Company X than to Company Y.
2. A patent may be worth more if owned by Company X than if owned by Company Y.

Additional company-specific reports after the first company are $300 each.

General Valuation is for:
If you do not have a specific company in mind you want to sell or license your patent to. This gets a general idea of the value of your patent which can be a starting point of discussion with any company you may want to sell to.

Tip: A patent may be worth more to one company than to another company. Researching a potential company that may be interested in your patent and ordering the “Company-Specific Valuation Package” may increase the value of your patent as shown in our report as we can consider the additional value a specific company gains by buying your patent, based on their current market share and other company specific factors.

Our Advantage

Licensed Patent Practitioners

Our team of patent attorneys and agents come from different backgrounds to cover different types of inventions.

Fixed Fees First

Most services are charged a fixed fee and include consultation time with a licensed patent practitioner. This is usually enough for most clients. If you need additional services or require extra time with us, we then work on an hourly rate basis.

Live Team Monday-friday

We are here live, Monday-Friday, by email, phone, or chat. Give us a ring, we’ll be happy to chat with you about the patent process or have a patent practitioner answer any legal questions.

Electronic Signing

Our proprietary electronic signature system allows you to sign patent application documents, in compliance with the US Patent Office, from your computer or mobile device.

Screen Share Meetings

Look at complex invention details together with shared screen computer meetings. We work with clients all over the world.

Happy Clients

Quality services at reasonable fixed prices

Temporary for 12 months, for a product or method and how it works, then decide to convert to a non-provisional utility patent application.

Apply to protect how your invention works and its components. 20 years of protection, if approved.

Apply to protect the exterior design and shape of your invention for 15 years. Does not protect how the invention works, just the shape.

How patentable is my invention? Learn what already exists and invent around them to increase your own invention’s patentability.

How your business plans to run and make money. To pitch to prospective investors, lenders, partners.

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