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Is Filing Patent On Your Own a Wise Decision?

Can I file my own patent application? – is a frequent question which generally comes from an inventor. Also, it is quite tricky one to answer. Yes, you can go for filing patent application on your own. However, filing patent is controlled by various factors such as invention complexity, challenges etc that your patent may face. Also, time is one of the major factors which you need to follow during the registration process.

Is it important to hire an attorney for filing a patent?

Filing patent is not an easy task as it requires vast knowledge about the industry and updated rules and regulations of the USPTO. So, let’s discuss if it indispensable to hire an attorney for the filing process.

Provisional Patent Application:

The application does not require either patent claims or formality. It is not examined by the patent office until and unless standards are maintained with complete disclosure of the invention. So, an applicant can file a provisional patent application by own. Moreover, it saves attorney cost which is usually very high.

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Non-Provisional Patent Application:

Non-provisional patent applications are incredibly complicated in comparison to provisional. However, the complication is not because of the explanation of the invention. It is due to alteration in legal standards of the patent office, legal doctrine court interpretations, and high stakes of patent litigation. In case of infringement each word of a patent application and claim gets challenged, hence it must be verified properly before filing.

However, when it comes to file a strong patent application the majority of inventors opt to leverage certified patent specialist services. The major objective behind taking a professional help is to draft a patent and prosecute documentation process in such a way that it protects invention rights properly. Moreover, as the prosecution is a lengthy and complex process, it requires effective research and patent application ought to be written in a well-defined format and style.

Filing patent essential tasks performed by professionals: 

  • Ensuring all the patentability criteria of the invention that includes novelty, usefulness, non-obviousness, and innovativeness. It is followed by creation, documentation, filling of required application documents involving claims, descriptions, drawings, and many other relevant forms.
  • Conducting a patent search in the US and other foreign countries to make sure that there exists no infringement for your invention. Also, filing a provisional patent application and closely they work with the USPTO examiner while application examination process.
  • Paying justified patent application fees.

Filing Patent on Your Own

As mentioned above, it is easier to file a provisional patent application as it is quite informal and has less complexity. However, while filing you must give a proper description of the creation and use of your invention. Here are some important things you need to devote to proceed while drafting your patent by own:

Time Needed for Filing Patent:

Patentability in itself is a very time-consuming process which requires hours of both research and reading. Moreover, you need to devote a number of hours to prepare a draft and create drawing for your patent application.  

Writing Technique:

Strong writing skill will definitely be a great help for you in clear writing. Also, you must use terminologies which are mysterious, technical and legal for easy acceptance of your application by the patent examiner.

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Project Supervision Expertise:

While filing a patent on your own you must know the skills to manage the complex projects. Additionally, you should meet the deadlines. For instance, within a year from the first public sale you are supposed to file your patent application.

Why Choose Us?

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