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Patent Filing Service – Benefits to Reap

Prior to the patent filing, patent draft preparation seems a cumbersome task. But you can make things simple for you. Patent filing service help you to prepare patent applications as per the rules and demands of the patent office.  Indeed the requirements are particular and demand strict compliance. Therefore, patent filing services are there to help. These are the end-to-end (E2E) services that provide assistance and prepare documents. The documents prepared are as per the USPTO or any other patent office requirements, depending upon the jurisdiction.

Ultimate Benefits of Patent Filing Service

You can go about filing a patent application on your own. But this can become a bulky task if you are a first-time filer. With patent filing service this hefty task is no longer only yours, but there is the precise distribution of responsibilities among the professionals.

Your part is to provide them with the data and what you get is wholesome information in return. Below are some of the go-to advantages of the patent filing service.

Reduced Burden

Patent filing involves the preparation of a detailed draft. This draft meets the details of the patent office. Preparing such a draft becomes a cumbersome task if you are filing a patent for the very first time. By taking patent filing service you can lessen this burden on yourself and can get an organized patent draft prepared all at once.

Patent Filing with the USPTO

The United States Patent and Trademark Office is quite strict about its patent filing rules. Even if a single of information went here and there; it would lead to serious consequences. And with serious consequences, we mean multiple office actions and even patent rejection. But, with the patent filing service, the professionals prepare such a draft which is as per the patent filing rules.

Meet all the Deadlines right on time

Deadlines are something a person needs to take care of while patent application filing. This involves responding to the patent office actions right on/within time, filing IDS on time, etc. By taking the patent filing service, you will get a notice of all the deadlines and will get timely reminders. This practice ensures opportune deliverability of the requirements, which ultimately works in your favor.


No office actions: a patent professional knows what all must the patent office demand at the time of patent filing. Moreover, one gets to know if their invention actually meets the patentability criteria, beforehand. Hence, this ultimately reduces the number of office actions and speeds up the patent prosecution.

Early patent grant

If everything moves as per the patent office requirements and there is nothing pending at your end. Then there are high chances of you getting timely patent enforceability for your invention.

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Types of Patent Application

There are multiple types of patent applications. The classification of patent applications is as per the context:


This is an incomplete application. It is a rundown of claims, oath or declaration, and public disclosure. But, it holds its importance in setting a priority date for your invention.


Also known as ordinary/complete application. This is the most crucial application, as this application is subject to examination by the patent office examiner. If you file a provisional patent application, then be mindful of filing the complete application within a period of 12 months.


You file an international application when you want a patent grant in multiple jurisdictions. Also, there is no need to file a separate application for every jurisdiction. Simply fill one PCT or Paris Convention Application and you will simultaneously file a patent in multiple jurisdictions.


You file a divisional patent application at a later stage. This is when if you come to know that the pending patent application has more than one invention present.

Patent of Addition

This application comes into play when the applicant wishes to make improvements or modifications to the previously disclosed complete application.

Reissue Application

This application takes place of a previous complete application for an unexpired patent that is defective. The defect is mainly in the specification part or drawings, etc. Under these circumstances, the applicant can file a reissue patent application. Mind you, the reissue application should not introduce any new claims that were previously disclosed in the non-provisional application. Moreover, this application doesn’t get a new patent term and will survive for the unexpired term of the original patent.

Continuation-in-Part Application

As the name suggests, you file a continuation-in-part application when you add a new matter that was left out in the previous disclosure. With filing a continuation-in-part application, you get a new priority date for the newly added material. Whereas, the priority date of filing a previous application for the old material will remain the same.

Note: Consider taking up a patent filing service if you are in need of filing the above-mentioned applications. As the requirements for different applications are different.

Patent Filing Service at The Patent Filing Company

Timely patent filing is the need of the hour. With every passing minute, people are chasing of getting patent grants through inventions and innovations. Since a patent grant not only gets you to hold on to your invention but also is a good source of monetary value. Our professionals at The Patent Filing Company work closely with you through the entire process of patent prosecution. We have a dedicated team that will help you through each and every phase right from filing to patent grant. At TPFC, we provide all the types of patent application preparation assistance, be it provisional, non-provisional or international patent application. Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us; hence, we provide multiple iterations and quick turn-around time. To know more, do give a visit to The Patent Filing Company.

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