A User Guide for Online Patent Apply

A User Guide for Online Patent Apply

Patent filing supports both online as well as offline procedures. You may go for either offline or online patent apply according to your convenience. Moreover, Patent filing helps in protecting an idea or invention by avoiding infringement. USPTO supports Online Patent Apply with the help of an Electronic Filing System (EFS). It is a web-based system that allows the electronic submission of patent applications and relevant documents. Moreover, there are many benefits of an online patent apply, that helps in saving time and money for the applicant. Also, with the help of EFS web, anyone can file patent applications and documents and that too without downloading special software.

Online Patent Apply: Benefits

EFS web is a solution for the submission of online patent applications and documents. Also, it is easily accessible to everyone. USPTO operates EFS-web on its secure servers. Some of the advantages of online patent filing using EFS-web are the following.


This is the most important feature to consider while you go for the options of an online patent apply. The EFS-Web provides you with the same level of legal protection as that of paper-based filings. You also receive an electronic receipt with the confirmation. Moreover, you may print the receipt for your records and affirm the receipt date.


The protection that the EFS-Web provides is as per the state-of-the-art security methods. This also includes Transport Layer Security (TLS). Moreover, Digital Certificates ensure to send the documents securely, if you sign up as a registered filer.


The other main fact about the EFS web is that it is very convenient. So, you may submit even large and complex patent applications along with the PDF files. It only requires filling a few numbers of simple web screens.


While using the EFS-Web, there is no need of replacing the tools, workflows, or processes that you use to create patent applications and related documents. Thus, the EFS-Web filing does not require you to spend time learning about the working of new authoring tools.

Quick Turn-around Time

You may submit a patent application by just filling in a few numbers of web screens. It is just a matter of a few minutes. You only need to pay for the filing and this allows you to receive an acknowledgment receipt.

Valuable updates

One of the best features of the EFS-Web is validating the PDF files and data for acceptance before submission. The EFS-Web automatically tells you the reason for not allowing the submission of the document if there is any problem. This helps you in taking corrective action quickly.

Online patent Apply: Web features

EFS-web uses standardized web-based screens that enable you to submit your documents straight to the USPTO. Moreover, you get the chance to select the authorizing tool, workflow, and process for your documents. Then you convert them to standard PDF files for submitting them to the secure servers of the USPTO. Some webs features of an online patent apply are given in the following section.

Types of Filers: Registered/Unregistered

It is true that EFS-Web gives everyone the ease of submitting patent applications and documents. However, the registered filers get more benefits from the system. The Registering process is very easy and you may register yourself by submitting forms to the Patent Electronic Business Centre (EBC) of USPTO. Then the USPTO issues a Digital Certificate for identity authentication.

Payment Methods

This feature of EFS-web allows you to pay online filing fees conveniently. You may choose from various options such as credit card, electronic funds, deposit accounts, and transfer payment options.

Formats Accepted

EFS-web accepts PCT-EASY ZIP files up to 25 MB and standard PDF documents. Also, you may submit the Sequence listing text files of a size up to 100 MB.

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