Patent Filing Online Web Features and Benefits

Patent Filing Online: Web Features and Benefits

Patent filing is an important step to protect one’s idea or invention by stopping others from using it. Patent filing online of the USPTO also known as EFS (Electronic Filing System) is an online method to file patents. Also, the electronic Filing System is a web-dependent system for submitting patent applications and documents electronically. So, there are many benefits of filing patents online which can save time and cost for the patent applicant. Thus, using EFS web anyone with a web-enabled computer can file patent applications and documents without downloading special software. We will discuss some of the benefits of patent filing online.

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Patent Filing Online: Key Benefits

EFS-web hosts the patent application and provides a document submission solution that is accessible to anyone. In addition, the USPTO operates EFS-web on its secure servers. Some of the advantages of filing patent online using EFS-web are:

EFS-web is safe:

It is one of the most important points of patent filing online. EFS-web filings provide you with the same legal protection as paper-dependent filings. Also, you receive an electronic receipt and confirmation and the ability to print the receipt for your records, affirming your receipt date.

Simple to use:

One can submit even the largest and complex patent applications by attaching PDF files and filling out a few simple web screens. Therefore, proving to be a convenient method of patent filing.


The protection of EFS-Web submissions is through state-of-the-art security methods, including Transport Layer Security (TLS). However, Digital Certificates ensure that the documents are sent securely after one registers for the EFS-web.

Fast processing:

 In just a few minutes and using a few web screens, you can submit a patent application. Moreover, you have to pay for your filing and receive an acknowledgment receipt.

Flexibility of the system:

EFS-Web requires you to make no changes to the tools, processes, or workflows you use to author patent applications and documents. Also, filing with EFS-Web does not require you to learn how to use new authoring tools.

EFS-web is forgiving:

EFS-Web validates that whether the PDF files and data you’re trying to file will get acceptance before the submission. So, if there’s a problem, EFS-Web will tell you why one cannot submit the document allowing you to take corrective action quickly.

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Patent Filing Online: Web features

EFS-web utilizes standard web-based screens and prompts to enable you to submit your documents directly to the USPTO within minutes. Also, you choose the tool, process, and workflow with which you author your documents. Thereafter you convert them to standard PDF files and then submit them to USPTO’s secure servers. We will discuss some of the web features of patent filing online.

Registered and Unregistered Filers:

While EFS-Web gives anyone the ability to submit patent applications and documents, filers can get benefits from the system by becoming registered. Hence, one has to submit the paper forms to USPTO’s Patent Electronic Business Centre (EBC)for the registration process. The USPTO will then issue a Digital Certificate that authenticates your identity.

Web Access:

A computer, web browser, and internet connection are all you need to file patents online. So, you can access EFS web by clicking on the “File Online” link on the USPTO homepage.

Filings Accepted:

  • Built-In File Validation:

This is one of the important web features of patent filing online. EFS-Web automatically validates documents and informs you before submission whether your application meets USPTO standards. So, if it doesn’t meet these standards, you will get a notification of the problem so you can take corrective action before the final submission.

  • File forms accepted:

EFS-web accepts standard PDF documents, text files (for specific application parts such as sequence listings) and PCT-EASY ZIP files up to 25 megabytes. Sequence listing text files can be up to 100 megabytes.

  • Online Payment fees:

EFS-web allows you to conveniently pay filing fees online. In addition, you have the flexibility to choose from credit card, deposit accounts, and electronic funds transfer payment options.

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